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Concrit here, please. I want to improve the way I play Riddle in any means possible. I love playing him, and I don't want to come off as OOC, so if you have ANY issues, adress them here. Flaming will not be tolerated and I'll most likely ignore that kind of commenting.

Anon commenting is ON, IP logging is OFF.

~~/o/ ♥


ALSO. If we're threading, I'm not on IRC and you need to get a hold of me, or if there's anything else you're concerned about, tag this post, and I'll be sure to get back to you asap. ♥
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So Souigya Riddle will have a drama CD on April 21st, and it will be on sale April 27th! THIS IS SO EXCITING GUYS my canon's getting voicessssss, and I can't wait until it get's released ahdsjkdgf

UNFORTUNATELY... I can't read moonspeak, so I can't provide any translations (aside from the cast list which has some really awesome people!), but I can give you the CD booklet. :3 It is shiny ♥

Hayato - Sakurai Takahiro
Riddle - Yusa Kouji
Luca - Paku Romi
Anthem - Hirakawa Daisuke
Shall - Misato Endo Fu
Julian - Saiga Mitsuki
Faust - Itou Miki
Blood - Taro Ryou Okiayu

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Chapter 23 is out on GanGan as well, if anyone's following the Japanese releases.
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I just posted my selfy characters on plurk before, but here they are, including drops.

Schuldig got the "Grelle" hair because there was no orange hair :|
Chitose winks and whistles!
Eclipse looks like a girl
Narushige I love that I found perfect hair.
Kakei has blue slippers! 8D
Riddle I think I changed his hat three times before I was satisfied.
Tenkou just got his original self because I couldn't find that hair in red or pink. :|
Amu got balloons, idk why but it was cute.
Rosiel no, I'm just kidding. Rosiel~